Steroid mouth rinses

In any case, papilloma of the mouth is a painless bump that can occur anywhere in the mouth. It can be found on the uvula, tonsil, palate, cheek, lip, etc. It has an irregular pitted surface like a strawberry or rasberry. It is typically pink to red in color though white can also occur. Treatment is surgical excision and is "curative." Curative is in quotes because although the mass is gone, it can recur in the same place or elsewhere given the virus itself is not "cured" and can trigger the papilloma growth again. The papilloma should be typed for HPV to determine if a high-risk HPV type is present. If so, the oral cavity should be examined regularly for recurrence and any suspicous lesions biopsied to minimize risk of oral cancer development. Our office also offers the Oral HPV Spit Test to check for any microscopic evidence for HPV infection in the mouth or throat that may lead to recurent papilloma formation.

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Sorry to hear about your son’s struggles. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things. For kids with chronic rhinitis and chronic cough, I am suspicious of reflux (GER/GERD) as a contributing factor. Take a look at the articles on this site for that topic. Regarding the precise amount of Manuka honey to use, it ends up being about a tablespoon for an 8-oz bottle of saline. Manuka honey may help reduce inflammation, studies have found that Manuka contains both a strong anti-microbial, and strong anti-inflammatory agents … worth a try.
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Steroid mouth rinses

steroid mouth rinses


steroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinses